Services - Communication



  • Speech Pathology can help people who have difficulties communicating, speaking, understanding and expressing.  I am experienced and passionate about supporting people who have complex communication needs, with creative and strength-based approaches.  

How can I help?

  • Working with you to identify goals that are important to you in your day to day life
  • Completing an assessment based on what your day looks like and what your communication skills are
  • Work closely with your therapy team. This may include occupational therapists, psychologists, behaviour support clinician’s and physiotherapists.
  • Provide you with strategies to achieve your goals and develop written programs
  •  Provide training to other important people in your life aimed at supporting you with your communication and goals
  • Measure outcomes, assess barriers and review strategies 
  • Develop reports as requested by you or your funding body

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

What is it?

  • AAC can support many people who have complex communication needs in a variety of different ways.
  • Augmentative communication is where we use different methods of communication to supplement our speech. Augmentative communication can be used to help us:
- understand what is happening
- follow routines
- attend to a task
- communicate if our speech can be difficult to understand
- communicate when we are feeling overwhelmed or our emotions are heightened 
- develop our speech 
- develop our sentence structure and language
...and much more!
  • Alternative communication is where we use different methods of communication instead of speech
  • AAC can include Key Word Sign, object cues, touch cues, alphabet boards, core vocabulary boards, switches, visual schedules, visual routines, social stories, communication books, communication devices and more.